Miss Manners - Iman Sid (2013)

Anna Borgstrom's life has been going downhill ever since the day of her graduation. Stuck with a job as a shop assistant/celebrity mascot at Harrolds' toy department with tasks that undermines her capability in every single sense, coupled with an overbearing boss who holds no reservations in firing his employees, Anna is desperate for a change. And true enough, she gets what she wished for, but only by confronting the haughty socialite Pinkie Mortimer at a book signing event dressed in a bunny costume. Now jobless, publicly humiliated and with nothing to lose, Anna decides to participate in the prestigious Miss Manners contest as part of her internship at Couture magazine. But will she succeed? Especially when one of her competitors is Pinkie Mortimer? Can Anna stay true to herself despite being immersed in this new world of fashion, jealousy and competition? Miss Manners feels like an ambitious attempt, in its engagement with so many topics (love, pageants, etiquette). At some parts, the story becomes too rushed and the characters underdeveloped. Despite some hits and misses, I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted romantic comedy, finding myself eager to finish the novel to know what happens at the end. (XT)

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