Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, by Carol E. Wyer, tells the story of desperate housewife Amanda, who is feeling less than desirable as she approaches a milestone. The summary says: "Facing the big five-oh and all that it entails is problematic enough and jolly depressing when your husband would much rather watch Russia Toda' than admire you, strutting in front of the television wearing only thigh-length boots and a black lace thong. Her wretched son has managed to perform yet another magical disappearing act. Could he actually be buried under the mountain of festering washing which is strewn on his bedroom floor? He'll certainly be buried somewhere when she next gets her hands on him after last night's shenanigans. Life is certainly 'drab' not 'fab' at the moment. Isn't 50 supposed to be the new 40? Not for Amanda, it seems. At least her mother knows how to enjoy herself. She's partying her twilight years away in Cyprus. Queen of the Twister mat, she now even has a toyboy in tow. However, who can be sure what the pearly-white toothed Adonis is really up to? Amanda blames desperation, hormones and her son's girlfriend's coltish, blemish-free legs for succumbing to the internet friendship request - a request made by the provocative and totally delicious Todd Bradshaw, her first true love. Soon Mandy has a difficult decision to make; one that will require more than a few glasses of chianti." Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines is now available as a multi-format ebook (Sony, pdf, Mac, iPhone, Android, Kindle, iPad etc.) Head to the author's website for more details. (CF)

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