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The Undiscovered Goddess (2012)

Holly has a good life. A loving husband who works hard, three healthy children, a beautiful home in Texas, and a circle of friends she connects with regularly. She has so much to be thankful for. Then why is she so unhappy? In order to find out why, Holly starts reading self-help books but usually gives up by chapter 3. She's almost ready to resign herself to a life of fast food, wanting to get away from her kids, and crying into a glass of wine each night when she finds a book called The Undiscovered Goddess. Sceptical but ready to try anything at this point, Holly dives into the book with gusto. And it changes her life. Never before have I encountered a book that so perfectly gives voice to one's target audience. Holly is very relatable, I felt like I was reading about myself. The writing is funny, sarcastic, and honest. Although I loved the book as a whole, I started to lose interest toward the end when Holly became more functional. There was less conflict, and reading one happy paragraph after another became a little boring. That being said, I finished this book feeling encouraged. If Holly can do it, maybe I can too. (CK)

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