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The Singles (2012)

Bee Evans always resented brides that didn't give her a plus-one invite to their wedding. Bee vowed that when she got married, everyone would be allowed to bring a guest. As her wedding date approaches and her RSVPs are returned, Bee is frustrated that five of her guests declined her offer to bring a guest and are showing up single. Confused by where to seat them, Bee nicknames the five guests the "SINGLES". Hannah, Vicki, Rob, Joe and Nancy are the single guests. Hannah, Vicki and Rob all attended Syracuse University with Bee. Joe is Bee's blacksheep uncle. Nancy is a friend of the groom's parents. Days before the wedding, Nancy is stricken with a virus and forces her reluctant son, Phil, to attend in her place. With each chapter being told from an alternating perspective of a different "single", we learn the background of each character and ultimately how their stories all interconnect. Anyone who has ever been stuck attending a function without a date can appreciate this well-written novel. (AO)

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