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Love, Life and Linguine (2006)

Mimi Louis is a restaurant consultant who has opened several restaurants in Philadelphia and recently turned her nobody chef boyfriend into a celebrity chef. However, when she finds out that her beloved boyfriend, Nick, is not the man she thought he was, she returns home to Jersey to stay with her mum and throw herself into rescuing her late father's cafe. Two men emerge as love interests, as her diva (err libido) talks to her about which man is worth "boinking". Mimi's diva is not the only thing speaking to her throughout the story, as she has constant conversations with Olga, her suitcase, and Sally, her father's Mustang that she now drives. While Mimi seems to have a lot of chatter going on in her head, the book lacks some excitement and strong connection with the characters. There is also a lack of food chatter overall, making the title a bit misleading. It should be called, Love, Life and Listening to Your Diva. (CC)

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