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Jillian Dare (2009)

Jillian Virginia Dare grew up as an orphan passed from foster home to foster home. At 20, she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leave her small town of Shenandoah Valley and become a nanny on a big plantation in Virginia. There she is put in charge of caring for baby Cadence Remington. She bumps into her boss, Ethan, while out jogging and feels the attraction even though they don't know who the other is. Jillian starts to receive threatening emails from someone only known as CC. Shrugging it off, Jillian thinks it's just someone playing a prank until all these people start appearing in her life with the initials CC - from Corinna Cooke the maid to Calvin Cole the lawyer and Crystal Carter, Ethan's ex-wife and the leading lady in the Broadway show The Woman in White. Can Jillian move from her nanny role to win the hand of this wealthy movie producer? This is a contemporary take on Jane Eyre. (PP)

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