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L'Amour Actually (2013)

In this fictionalised account, London city girl Melanie Jones one day decides to do what many people dream of doing but never actually take the plunge: she gives up her life in the UK to travel to the south of France and start anew. Mel is trying to find a place in a new community; trying to fit in somewhere where she doesn't know the language, doesn't have a job, and doesn't have any friends or family around her to make her feel at home. When things don't go as she originally expected, Melanie soon realises life in south west France might be a bit too different from her comfortable life in London. It's easy to like the heroine of the novel, Melanie. It's admirable how she dares to change her life drastically by giving up her job and following her heart to the south of France to start afresh. Part of the book is based on Melanie Jones' own experiences as an expat in France, and it includes quite a few embarrassing, but extremely funny situations. This plotline resulted in numerous great scenes, which made me want to continue on reading and discover what situation Melanie would find herself in next. L'Amour Actually is a funny, thoroughly enjoyable escape read which will make you laugh out loud, and I personally can't wait to read more of her stories. (JoH)

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