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R is for Rebel (2014)

Abigail Heyworth is the youngest daughter of the former Duke of Northrop. While most of the family has been tethered to English tradition, Abigail has always maintained her independence and free will. For the last decade she has travelled and done charity work around the world with her longtime girlfriend Tully. Her relationship with Tully has ended and she finds herself trying to fit back into her royal family. Eliot Cranbrook is a wildly successful American businessman. He is perfectly polished and a family friend to Abigail's brother and wife. What started out as a friendship turns into something much more complicated between Eliot and Abigail. This is the final book in the Unruly Royals Series. Fans of the series will be happy to see all members of the Heyworth family are back with more love and drama. (AO)

In Love Again (2013)

Claire Heyworth Barnes, the Marchioness of Wicks, was stuck in a twenty-year loveless marriage to a British aristocrat. When her marriage finally dissolves, she is broke and alone. Her American sister-in-laws encourages her to move to New York City and begin a new life. Claire lands a job as an assistant to an interior designer. Her first job assignment is in Connecticut. The clients are in the middle of a divorce and the remodelling project has to be wrapped up as soon as possible so the clients can sell the property and split the proceeds. Claire soon realises that her new client is Ben Hayek, her teenage first love. Ben and Claire have to decide if their relationship is best kept in the past, or if they can start over. This is the third book in the Unruly Royals Series. Readers of A Royal Pain and If the Shoe Fits will remember Claire Barnes as the stuffy older sister to Devon and Max Heyworth. The author does a fantastic job of making Claire transform from a misunderstood righteous character to a loveable woman who only wants to find happiness. (AO)

If the Shoe Fits (2013)

Devon Heyworth is the younger playboy brother of the Duke of Northop. Dashingly handsome Devon is a paparazzi favorite known for his revolving door of women. Sarah James is a level-headed American entrepreneur who has built a successful shoe designing business. Devon is the best man in his brother Max's wedding and Sarah is the maid of honour for her best friend Bronte. The couple have a whirlwind weekend fling. But both are relationship phobic and committed to keeping a no-strings arrangement. Their attraction keeps forcing them together and meddling friends and relatives seem to think they know what is best for them. This novel is a follow-up to the author's previous novel, A Royal Pain. If you think Prince Harry is adorable, then you are sure to fall in love with Devon Heyworth. This book is a fun modern-day fairytale with the perfect combination of beautiful shoes and hot British men. (AO)

A Royal Pain (2012)

Bronte Talbott is on the rebound after spending too long with the wrong man. She is only interested in meeting a TM (transitional man) to have fun with. She is determined not to fall in love and make the same mistake again. Enter sexy British student Max Hayworth, a man Bronte met in a bookstore. Max will be leaving the States in just eight weeks, making him the perfect TM. When an emergency forces Max to return to England early, Bronte learns that he is not just some British student who has been sharing her bed, but rather the future Duke of Northrop. Suddenly, Bronte must face the realisation that Max has become more than just a TM, and she must also decide if she wants to pursue her relationship with Max and deal with the challenges of being royal. My favourite book of 2012, this wonderfully written book is a must for anyone who loves to read about the royal family. (AO)

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