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Meet Me in Paris - Juliette Sobanet (2015)


When romance writer Juliette Sobanet makes the gut-wrenching decision to end her marriage, all she can think about is being anywhere but home. As the worst year of her life unfolds, she embarks on a passionate love affair with a man she meets during a conference and who ultimately sweeps her off her feet to destinations all over the world, most romantically, Paris, a city Juliette has loved since she was a girl. As her affair starts to unravel as well, Juliette must decide if she still believes in happy endings - for herself.
This is a very honest and emotional memoir of divorce and recovery. The writing is very raw, to the point I could really feel her pain at leaving her marriage and the emotional rollercoaster she is on, not only with her lover, but with her love of Paris as well. While not a happy story, I did feel by the end that this was a journey she needed to travel in order to come out better on the other side. (LEK)



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