A pseudonym used by mystery writer Kathy Hogan Trocheck.

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Summer Rental (2011)

Ellis arranges the perfect getaway for a month at the beach. At least she thought she had organised the perfect getaway. The house is not what she thought it would be and it has definitely seen better days. Once Ellis has access to the house she tries to spruce it up for her friends, Dorie and Julia, who will be sharing the house. They are excited to have this month of August together in Nags Head. The women are all struggling with various aspects of their lives: Ellis being downsized from her job; Julia trying to make a decision about her career path; Dorie about picking up the pieces of her marriage. A stranger suddenly comes to the house needing refuge but has a secret past. The women are in for one big adventure at the beach. I loved this book - it's a summer must-read. (JG)

The Fixer Upper (2009)

Unwillingly and unwittingly embroiled in a political scandal, Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left broke and without a job. With few options, she decides to accept her father's offer to move to Guthrie, Georgia, to oversee the renovation of Birdsong, an old family mansion that he recently inherited. Arriving with the expectation of a quick and easy fix, she instead finds a run-down house that is still inhabited by a very stubborn and grumpy distant relative who refuses to leave. In addition to trying to fix up the house with minimal assistance due to the tight budget her father has given her, she is also spending her time trying to dodge FBI agents who are trying hard to pry information from her regarding her former boss. With the help of a southern lawyer and his very attractive son, she is trying to move on from her past and keep herself out of trouble. This is a great read full of humour and southern charm with a little bit of romance. (MF)

Blue Christmas (2006)

'Tis the season to be jolly and for Eloise as always she is looking forward to Christmas, her favourite time of the year. However, this year she faces a series of unfortunate events, including an unusual break-in at her antiques shop, her poor dog Jethro doing a disappearing act and the evil war of the decorations as across the road engages in some unhealthy competition with their wonderful white winter wonderland display. Adding to this is the usual family antics and a boyfriend whose approach to the festive season is similar to Jim Carrey's impersonation of the Grinch on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Can Eloise fix things so that she can have her fairytale Christmas or like Elvis ("I'll have a Blue Christmas without you, I'll be so blue thinking about you") is she leaning towards a deep blue funk of a Christmas? (PP)

Hissy Fit (2005)

Set in Madison, Georgia, this is the story of Keeley Murdock and the surprise she experiences at the rehearsal dinner the day before her high-society wedding. It's enough to cause her to throw a huge hissy fit which has repercussions for Keeley and others present. With her reputation as an interior designer now facing ruin, she takes on a wealthy client, Will, who gives her the mammoth task of having his home ready by Christmas. This is one book that you may find hard to put down. (JG)

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