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The Book Lover (2012)

After Lucinda Barrett's young son dies, she gives up on the dream of being a mother. She is distraught when her attorney husband is arrested for stealing funds from his clients to fund his gambling habit. Left with nothing but her one remaining dream, Lucinda sets out to fulfil her hope of becoming a writer. As a self-published author, Lucinda travels to bookstores hoping to sell her book. Ruth Hardaday has been devoted to her independent small bookstore, The Book Lover, for more than 30 years. Ruth has lived a life full of shattered dreams and she is trying to bury her past. When Ruth discovers Lucy, she takes her under her wing. In return, Lucy looks after Ruth's son, Colin, who is a paralysed veteran of the Iraq war. As Ruth and Lucinda become closer, a lie that Lucinda is keeping threatens their friendship. It's a truly inspiring novel about forgiveness and faith in love. (AO)

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