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Scandalous (2010)

Sisters Max and Lucy Summers may be completely different in many ways but they are still best friends. Max is a top-notch showbiz reporter and Lucy works at a fabulous fashion magazine. Both lead a charmed life but neither has a lively love life. That all changes when the beautiful Lucy meets the Earl of Balmyle, Hartley. He's ranked as Britain's most eligible bachelor and once he sets his sights on Lucy, he can think of no one else. This infuriates Hartley's ex, Lady Bridget Beames, who believes Hartley should only be with a woman of the same social standing as him. It seems she will go to any length to get Hartley back. Max, on the other hand, hasn't had a serious love interest since she was 17. When she finally meets a man who makes her heart beat faster, Lucy warns her that he is the wrong man for her. Soon things spiral out of control when Lucy is accused of setting up the very private Hartley for a paparazzi shot and Max is forced to ignore her dream man for the sake of saving her relationship with her sister. Throw in a gorgeous, but sleazy male celebrity, lots of relationship drama and some sibling conflict and you've got yourself a novel that has everything a girl could want. The characters are described so well it is easy to imagine them transferred from page to film. In addition it's written with information that only an insider could have. It's fun, feisty and blooming with romance - but above anything else, it's totally scandalous. (AS)

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