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Write In Front Of Their Eyes (2008)

Mia thinks teaching high-school kids is like a Jello commercial, "it appears to be what you want, but when you take a bite out of it, it can be a little bit of a letdown". Unsatisfied with her career and marriage, Mia finds a new love interest, wondering if an affair would hurt or help her marriage. She also decides to make her professional (or not so professional) life more complicated by trying to pen a book while at school teaching. She uses steamy office romances, funny interactions with her students and funny conversations with her best friend and carpool partner Jill as material for her book. As her new office tryst heats up, Mia doesn't seem concerned about the effect it will have on her 15-year marriage. Will Mia regret her choices? This was an interesting short read. I liked Nelson's sense of humour but her writing style didn't really work for me. (AV)

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