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The Brenda Diaries (2011)

Brenda just finished college, and is indecisive about her future, but one thing she knows for sure is that she is an excellent temp. Outside of temping, she spends most of her time with her sort-of-boyfriend Jared and her mooching friend Maya. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a storyline here, more like daily diary entries (as depicted by the title) that sometimes bordered on mundane. The part that I didn't like was that the story was much shorter than I expected, because there are pages at the back of the book that depict tweets that mirror what you just read. (MD)

Good-bye To All That (2010)

Raquel is an executive assistant at the Belmore, a large media corporation. She has slaved away at her job and is close to being promoted to junior marketing executive when her boss suddenly suffers a nervous breakdown and takes an extended vacation. Raquel is left under the constant scrutiny of her interim boss. She tries desperately to keep her life and career goals on track as her hysterical and highly dysfunctional family creates complete chaos in her life. To further complicate her situation, Raquel starts sleeping with Kyle, the sexy new vice-president at Belmore. This is a funny story about a strong woman who sometimes makes very foolish mistakes but manages to keep her humour and spirit intact. (AO)

More Than This (2008)

Evelyn Morgan Reed-Sinclair and Alexander Velazquez first lock eyes through a train window. He's a lawyer from a working-class background, while she's from a prestigious family trying to make it on her own. Evelyn has fled Paris and her life as an art student after being confronted by her married lover's wife. Back in San Francisco, she is loath to live the pampered life of her socialite sister, Tannin, so she takes on an assistant's job at the web company where her friend, James, works. Alexander is back in town after losing his job and breaking up with his girlfriend. As the son of a union activist, he reluctantly takes on the case of a wealthy widow being sued by her underpaid staff. Evelyn and Alexander watch each other through their office windows and their paths nearly cross several times as events play out over a 10-day period. If you love will-they-or-won't-they-meet books (and I do), then you'll find this is more than bliss.

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