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The Perfect Mother (2010)

It would be enough of a nightmare to have a sick child with no conclusive diagnosis about why she can't eat, go to school or walk without pain. Imagine then being told that you are a difficult mother and that your daughter's illness is probably your fault. Based partly on a similar incident faced by the author, this novel sees Catriona - who has strived to create the perfect home life for her husband Richard, teenage stepdaughter Sinead and eight-year-old daughter Daisy - under suspicion for causing Daisy's inexplicable illness. And because her own traumatic upbringing makes her a more likely candidate for Munchausen's by proxy, Catriona starts weaving a web of deception that has even her husband - and the reader - doubting her. This is a compelling tale which illustrates just how easily facts can be twisted as evidence against you.

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