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Maid for Love - Caroline Mickelson (2015)


Zoe has powers, sometimes it is a curse and other times it is a gift. Zoe decides to put her talent to work in a career. She sets up "Maid for Love" - a cleaning company that has the power to make you forget those bad memories or moments in your life. Via word of mouth, people are hiring her to not only treat their wives to a clean house but also for the opportunity to wipe her memory so that they are back in her good books. One year ago, Zoe was head over heels in love with Michael Archer - they even had a future planned until Zoe walked out. She hasn't seen him since and because she wiped his memories of her, he should have forgotten her. When Michael hires Maid for Love, he is surprised when Zoe turns up on the doorstep - he never forgot how she broke his heart. Will Zoe and Michael get a second chance at love or when Zoe tells him the truth about her, will he be the one leaving this time? Maid for Love was a quick novella read with a hint of romance and a sprinkle of the supernatural. (PP)

Rating 6/10


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