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Lucy's Book Club for the Lost and Found, by Emma Davies, is about finding happy endings. The summary says: "Once upon a time, a woman called Lucy ran a little library with a big heart. It only took one look at the members of her book club for Lucy to see how she could make all their dreams come true...
Full-time carer Lia dreams of learning to dance, but as her mother becomes more reliant on her, that wish may never come true.
Widower Oscar is longing to find the daughter he put up for adoption as a young man, but does she even want to be found?
Single mum Hattie is overweight and unhappy since her cheating ex-fiance humiliated her at their engagement party.
Sensitive soul Callum is a hopeless romantic and the black sheep of his family. Will he ever find the courage to fight for what he wants?
Lucy has a plan to give these four strangers the happy endings they deserve, and in doing so, she might just find one for herself..." Lucy's Book Club for the Lost and Found is out in November 2017.

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