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Bondi Blonde (2012)

It's just before Christmas and London magazine staffer Emily is attending an MTV party to launch Jessica Alba's latest movie. The next day, she's late to a boardroom meeting where it is announced the magazine has been sold and their jobs are gone. Even though her knowledge of Australia barely extends beyond what she's learnt off the Neighbours soapie, Emily books herself a flight to Sydney. But just before she goes, her ex Jude, a photographer, comes back into her life and she struggles with her decision to still go ahead with her escape Down Under. Landing in Bondi where the women are all bikini babes and the boys are all bronzed surfers, Emily soon gets caught up in this body-conscious world. While struggling with her weight, she catches a career break, has a sizzling romance with barista Sam and enters the Miss Bondi contest. This is an entertaining beach read and Howe certainly has a sharp wit about her but overall it's a bit vacuous like some of those Bondi models.

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