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Love in Row 27 - Eithne Shortall (2017)


Cora Hendricks has always loved to match-make and her job as a flight check-in attendant has given her the perfect opportunity to play Cupid. Taking two unsuspecting passengers, she seats them in her favoured Row 27 and lets love take its course – or not – with a little help from her on-board assistant, Nancy. But whilst Cora is more than happy to sort out the love lives of other people, her own romantic outlook leaves a lot to be desired. Will playing matchmaker ruin her own chances at finding love?
Eithne Shortall’s debut introduces a fab new voice to contemporary rom-com fiction. Her storyline is exciting and different and the way she offsets Cora’s story on terra firma with the air-based vignettes from Row 27 is highly engaging and enjoyable. The writing is witty and erudite but also brings in deeper and more poignant notes too for the perfect balance of comedy and sobriety. And the last scene offers a perfect Richard Curtis-style finale. I’m already looking forward to seeing what's to come from Shortall after this exciting first outing. (JC)

Rating 8/10

Love in Row 27, the debut novel by Dublin journalist Eithne Shortall, is about an airline check-in attendant who plays cupid to unsuspecting flyers. The summary says: "What happens when Cupid plays co-pilot? Still reeling from a break-up, Cora Hendricks has given up on ever finding love. For herself, that is. To pass the time while working the Aer Lingus check-in desk at Heathrow, Cora begins to play cupid with high-flying singles.
Using only her intuition, the internet, and glamorous flight attendant accomplice Nancy, Row 27 becomes Cora's laboratory of love. Instead of being seated randomly, two unwitting passengers on each flight find themselves next to the person of their dreams - or not.
Cora swears Row 27 is just a bit of fun, but while she's busy making sparks fly at cruising altitude, the love she'd given up on for herself just might have landed right in front of her..." Love in Row 27 is out in June 2017.

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