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Love & Pollination - Mari Jane Law (2020)


Life has not been easy for Perdita, an orphan who was raised by nuns in a convent. As a result, she's a bit naive when it comes to the birds and the bees and is now facing the greatest dilemma of her life.
Her understanding about love, sex and fertility is based on a story about woman being flowers, men as bees and the final act is pollination. After she is used by Tony - the man she liked - she finds out that she is "pollinated". She also realises that in her capacity as a financial advisor, she has messed up the investments of her client Violet.
Violet's nephew, Saul, decides to take revenge. He kidnaps Perdita from a store, takes her home and blackmails her to move in and help him with Violet who has had a stroke.
With a baby on the way and no other plans, Perdita accepts and the relationship between her and Saul soon gets even more complicated. Will there be a good bee that is willing to stay by the flower? Dubbed a "whacky romantic comedy" by the author, this is a beautiful story about life that doesn't always go the way we planned. (MH)



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