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Love, Alba by Sophy Burnham (2015)


Love, Alba is told from the perspective of a cat, Alba, who narrates the affairs of her owner, Lorna Stanford. Her 2 legged (as Alba affectionately calls her) moves to a new apartment where she forms an instant attraction to her neighbour, David. Fearing she is too old for love and as he is considerably younger than her, Lorna hides her feelings only to find that he becomes involved with her best friend Nikki, much to her chagrin. Nikki, an art restorer, has problems of her own, when her boyfriend leaves her for another women and she becomes embroiled in international art theft. Yet, just when all seems lost, Alba and her feline friends Puma and Goliath are on hand to lead the 2 leggeds back on to the right path to love and happiness.
This was a lovely read albeit an unusual, quirky one. The narrator is a cat with attitude and tells the tale of the hapless humans with humour and in her own inimitable style. Alba is a wise soul and often relays her own feline philosophies for living a happy life. The book had elements of spirituality in it and the author addresses issues of friendship, aging and love which we can all relate to. Alba is an endearing storyteller and her advice to humans to simply live in the moment is one which we could all learn from. Highly enjoyable. (LP)



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