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Jam Tomorrow (2014)

Joss is managing the family farm with father Mick after her husband racked up enormous debt and left her to clean up the mess. Struggling to make ends meet, they come up with the idea of hosting farm stays including hikes in the local hills. The first group of tourists arrive to discover that the farm's goats might have goat pox and everyone is quarantined. What follows is the mad-cap adventure of persons thrown together through circumstance. It doesn't always run to plan with each guest having their own agenda for their seclusion on the farm. Meanwhile Joss battles her own demons and in amongst all the chaos tries to survive the journey. (LF)

Cold Enough to Freeze Cows (2010)

Iestyn Bevan doesn't have a lot of luck with the ladies, instead he pines after fellow farmer Menna Edwards. Menna seems more interested in her rugby shirts and rams. Iestyn enlists the advice of Johnny 'Brechden' - the local stud - and his brother's girlfriend, the lovely Sima, life coach extraordinaire. Then there is Louisa whose family are all hiding behind their own secrets. As the village characters' stories weave together, they come to a head on the night of the Annual Sheep Breeders Dinner, where their lives change forever. Like a Welsh Love Actually, this is a nice ensemble chick lit book. It transports you well and truly to the farmyard. The only problem is that just as a story for a particular character gets really good, it then switches to another character's point of view and you get sucked into their story instead. (AB)

Chocolate Mousse and Two Spoons (2008)

When waitress/artist Lettie finally leaves her abusive boyfriend, she is encouraged to cast her net beyond Lyme Regis and place a personal ad in the newspaper. Her most promising response comes from Welsh forester Dougie and soon she's off to his village. This sweet romantic story is flavoured with an unexpectedly strong cast of characters including the obese Eve who dotes on drunkard Peter; a charming couple known as the Worm Gatherers and perpetual student Rizzo who has his eye on the luscious Lisa. It was a case of expecting light, fluffy chocolate mousse and getting so much more.

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