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The Ghost of Greenwich Village (2011)

Eventual "Eve" Weldon may have a peculiar name but she's just your average woman trying to find her path in life. When she moves to New York in search of her mother's past, she doesn't know what she will find, but a ghost who wants her to write his life's work is not at all what she expected. Donald is annoying and sometimes bossy, but he's the only friend she has in the big city, so she puts up with him - even though he's only in her head. Then she gets a break as a writer for the morning TV show Smell the Coffee. The hours are gruelling and her work isn't appreciated by the show's hosts, but at least it's work and it pays her rent. Between her new job, Donald's persistent whining and her newfound fashion designer friend, Eve has her hands full. Somehow she still manages to wander the city and learn about her deceased mother. With a whimsical cast of characters, this story brings to life the iconic Greenwich Village in all its glory. It's a wonderful, spirited debut that shouldn't be missed. (AS)

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