Lori Wick is also the author of several Christian romance and historical series.

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Bamboo and Lace (2001)

Jeff and Lily Walsh are both children of missionaries in the Asian country of Kashien. But Jeff has moved away from home to Hawaii. He writes begging his father for permission for his sister to visit him. His father finally concedes to his wishes and Lily travels to Hawaii. Jeff enjoys showing Lily around and helping her learn about American culture. But suddenly, Jeff is called away on a work emergency. So he asks his best friend, Gabe, and the rest of the Kapaias to watch over Lily and continue her education. What will Lily learn while Jeff is gone? Will Gabe become important in Lily's life? I found the book to be a little long but still an enjoyable read, especially the parts where we got to explore Hawaii with Lily. (JG)

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