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Looking for Wonderland - Jane Ainslie (2015)


Alice is a forty-something Australian nurse who feels like she's in a slump. Her job doesn't inspire her anymore, but she feels too old to retrain for anything else. Her needy, negative mother drives her crazy, but because Alice is single and has no kids, her family expects her to look after mum. She wants to feel fit and healthy, but most exercise classes are filled with intimidating women in their yoga pants. The only thing that seems to be going well for Alice is her relationship with her boyfriend, Steve. Lovely, handsome, wonderful Steve. But when she discovers that Steve has been cheating on her, it becomes clear to Alice that her purpose is to take back her life and create her own wonderland. This is a quick and entertaining read, especially if you've ever worked in health care. Because I'm a nurse, I especially enjoyed the humorous hospital scenes. (CK)

Rating 6/10


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