London Falling - Emma Carr (2011)

Aimee Kennedy is so close to having everything she wanted. All she has to do is finish her last semester at college and she will have her degree after 10 years of juggling schoolwork with the three jobs it takes to pay for her classes. She's thrilled when she wins a trip to London to see Madonna in concert. Since she doesn't have a lot of close friends she invites a co-worker which may end up costing her everything she's worked so hard for. After her co-worker disappears along with all her money, plane voucher and clothes, Aimee has to come up with a way to earn enough money to get home before classes start. She shows up at the door of the gorgeous Simon Ruleford who is looking for a housekeeper. Simon is so close to seeing all of his hard work at the bank his family owns finally pay off by landing a client his family has been courting for years. So the last thing he needs right now is having an undocumented worker living in his maid's quarters. But Aimee is making it very difficult for him by inching her way into his heart. This romantic, funny and original debut novel kept me up well into the night trying to find out if Aimee would get home, if Simon would land his client and if they would finally admit they couldn't live without each other. (AR)

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