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Barefoot Over Stones (2009)

Can true friends ever get past a betrayal? Alison and Ciara are two Irish country girls who meet in college in Dublin and quickly become best friends. Theirs is a friendship of opposite personalities and situations - Alison is steady, refined and privileged, while Ciara is wild, mouthy and on the run from her family issues. When Alison falls in love with Dan Abernethy from Ciara's hometown, she is dismayed to discover that her boyfriend's family and Ciara's are inextricably linked - and that Ciara despises Dan. The dynamic in the girls' friendship changes until everything comes to a head in the worst treachery any friendship could go through. When tragedy strikes many years later, Alison and Ciara are offered a chance at redemption. But after everything they've been through, can they take it? While this is not the type of book that will have you hungrily devouring the pages to see what happens, it's a pleasant read with convincing characters, a confident and sophisticated tone and an interesting sub-plot. (SBB)

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