Little Miss Teacher - Cassandra O'Sullivan Sachar (2011)

Candace Turner has just graduated from college and accepted her first teaching position. She is careful about being completely professional in front of her students since she is not much older than they are. She wants them to respect her but she also wants to help them if they need her. There's a fine line that she needs to adhere to so they don't consider her their buddy. Candace also wants to gain the respect of her fellow teachers who are older and hesitant to get to know her. She wants to fit in with them and learn from their experiences but they're not all willing to accept someone fresh out of college. She is also trying to balance her demanding job with her personal life. When she bumps into the guy that she's had a crush on throughout college, she knows she needs to make something happen or she will always regret it. He's always been really friendly and she's always felt that there was a spark between them. As Candace navigates her new job and responsibilities she learns what's important to her. She goes through heartbreak, a medical scare with someone close to her all while trying to figure out who she is now. Sachar does a nice job showing how difficult teaching can be and how much responsibility is involved while trying to maintain who you are outside of school. (AR)

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