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The Prayer Box (2013)

Tandi is a single mother with two children who is running from a very bad relationship. She can't quite seem to get her act together and right now she is renting a cottage on the property of Iola Anne Poole with her kids. Tandi comes upon the body of Iola and shortly after Tandi is asked to clean up the house where Iola lived for decades. This book was well-written, I found the characters intriguing, particularly Iola. This was like two books and the lives of the characters seemed to run parallel to each other, but in a different time. Tandi was trying to make better choices, not successfully though, and was at risk of recreating her past for her children. Those letters written by Iola told a completely different story, because Iola's plight was not of her making, but she seemed to live in hope and faith for the people she loved. This was an inspirational story for sure, we are not our past and we all can, with faith, set the course for a better future. (KARM)

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