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She's the Boss - Lisa Lim (2012)

Karsynn has moved up the corporate ladder at the call centre and is now a supervisor. Things are going well until they get a new director named Carter Lockwood. All the ladies in the office are falling over themselves to impress him except for Karsynn. They have not hit it off and Carter likes to point out all of the things he finds wrong with her managing style. Karsynn has no idea how she's going to make this work with him constantly pointing out her flaws. When they begin working on a project together, they both start to realise that they might not know all there is to know about each other. Lim has written a very funny book with a quirky, lovable cast of characters. It's so nice to read a realistic story about people with normal jobs that readers can relate to. (AR)

Confessions of a Call Center Gal - Lisa Lim (2011)

College graduate Maddy isn't having much luck landing a job. She goes to visit her best friend in Idaho and starts working at the Lightning Speed Call Center as a call center rep. It's not her ideal job and the location is the last place she expected to be living but she's trying to make the best of it. Maddy soon learns how difficult the dynamics of a call center are. The customers are rude and possibly insane and some of her co-workers aren't much better. She forms bonds with people she never would have gotten to know if not for this job and they find themselves banding together as a family just to get through each day on the phones. Maddy finds herself attracted to co-worker Mika even though she swore she would never date someone from the call center. Maddy has to decide if she's going to make a career for herself at the call center or if she's going to take a huge chance and leave the only job she's known and the co-workers she's grown to love to have the career she's dreamed of. Maddy is a great character that you'll be laughing and cringing along with. Lim has written a strong debut novel about real issues with a lot of heart and humour. (AR)

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