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Yes, Chef! (2014)

Becca works in the reservations call centre for the restaurant empire run by chef Damien Malone. When she is tapped to take over as his personal assistant, she is filled with trepidation since he is known in the business as being a nightmare to deal with. Next thing she knows she's run off her feet dealing with his unwelcome advances and his wife's outrageous demands. Not only are her friends and work pals wondering where she's got to, Becca hardly has any time to follow up on a promising new love interest. With a heroine who is still finding her way, a caricature hot-headed chef, and a workplace that requires designated Sexual Harrassment Thursdays, this had all the ingredients for a spicy romp exposing the restaurant industry and the cooks who believe they are rock stars. The story would have been even more palatable if it had been served with more generous dollops of chef histrionics, and extra call centre dramas on the side.

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