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Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons For Bombshells (2012)

Grace Cavanaugh is planning on spending the summer writing her thesis for her PhD in women's studies, but when she gets a call from her lonely, frail aunt Sophia, saying that she needs some help after hip surgery, Grace decides to head to California and write her thesis there. However, "lonely" and "frail" aren't exactly words that would describe Sophia. Much to the surprise of Grace, who hasn't seen Sophia since she was 10, her great-aunt is surrounded by two very hunky men and a bevy of staff at her beck and call. She also lives in the luxurious area of Pebble Beach in a mansion and looks like she just stepped off of a film set. Grace can remember that her great-aunt was a 1940s B-list movie actress, but didn't realise she was so wealthy. While she's a bit deterred at first by the opulence of Sophia's lifestyle, she decides to stick it out and see what the summer has in store. Unfortunately for Grace, things are not going to be at all as she planned. There will be no baggy shirts or Capri khaki pants while Sophia is present. Instead, there will be lessons on looking beautiful and wearing gorgeous clothes that make Grace feel feminine and attractive. But while it all may seem innocent enough, you've got to wonder what Sophia will get out of Grace's makeover. She's definitely not doing it out of the kindness of her heart. Both Grace and Sophia are charming characters who will lie and manipulate to get what they want. For Grace, this is a learned trait and luckily, she has two gorgeous men to practise on: the local architect, Declan, who oozes sex appeal and has no problem pushing Grace to her limits and the bookish, but cute, Dr Andrew, who worries too much and doesn't show his emotions well. While the book may appear to be about learning to be a "bombshell", don't be fooled into thinking it'll be all lesson plans and boring chats. Sophia is actually transforming her niece into a sex kitten, who eats, drinks and sleeps with sex on her mind. It's a little straight forward at times and there's definitely more sex on the pages than expected, but overall you can't help but love Sophia for transforming Grace into something she was meant to be. This is definitely a must-read and will captivate you right from page one! (AS)

Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel (2005)

Unemployed tech writer Katy Orville decides to pursue her dream of finding her Prince Charming by flying to London. At a society wedding, the American bumps into a dark, handsome farmer by the name of William Eland, who is actually a duke in disguise. However Katy only has eyes for his cousin, Trevor, also known as Lord Stanley, a charming yet philandering man. But when a series of events precede her dates with Trevor, and Will becomes the one who always seem to be around and protecting her, Katy starts to realise that she has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Will she get the fairytale ending she dreams of? (XT)

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