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Goodbye Henrietta Street (2013)

Pippa and Rob Lambton are childhood sweethearts and great friends with Terry and Joan Marshall. Their life is complete with the birth of their son Daniel. After a tragic accident, Pippa and Rob are struggling to keep their marriage alive. Desperate, Pippa flees to Scilly, an island off the south of England. She hopes to clear her head and make some decisions about her future, but instead meets handsome Norwegian Sven Jorgensen who is running away from his own troubles and has formed a life for himself on the isolated island. Unexpectedly Pippa finds herself treasured and adored by Sven and is learning to love again. She is also entranced by the island life and its local inhabitants. Meanwhile, after their friend Terry reveals he is in a bizarre love triangle, Joan and Rob become close. I found the novel had too many points of view and the story was somewhat predictable. (LF)

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