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What Nora Knew (2014)

Molly works for online newsmagazine EyeSpy, writing about a whole lot of wacky assignments from aerial yoga to undercover bra fitting. What she really wants is to score her own column. When Molly is asked to write a piece about romance in New York City in the vein of Nora Ephron, this could be her chance to prove herself but she is somewhat lost for words. Divorced from a divorce lawyer, she is now in a "pleasant relationship" with chiropractor Russell. But is he her soul mate - the type of man she'd rush up the Empire State Building to meet, just like the characters in Ephron's Sleepless in Seattle movie? Then Molly meets crime novelist Cameron Duncan; other women can't stop gushing about how great he is but she finds him plain annoying. This is a well-written story with plenty of witty observations and an ending that fittingly pays homage to the rom-com screenwriter.

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