Like Casablanca - Sylvia Massara (2011)

What do internet dating and a classic Humphrey Bogart movie have in common? Nothing unless you're Cat Ryan, a part-time antiques seller who is offered a job by a local paper to blog about internet dating. As Cat does research for her new gig, she chooses to meet her many dates at Rick's Cafe in Sydney. As you enter the richly decorated Rick's it's like being transported into the movie Casablanca and of course the owner just happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous man named Rick Blake. Cat wonders what Mr Blake must think of her because every time she comes to the cafe she is with different man. What's more, why does she care so much about what he thinks? It's not like she's looking for a real relationship after her depressing break-up with Josh, her cheating ex. As far as Cat can tell Rick seems to be getting back together with his ex-wife. Despite what Cat's heart is telling her she decides to play it safe - but we all know, what the heart wants, the heart gets. A witty, romantic novel that is as amusing as it is informative about the ups and downs of internet dating. If you like a fun and diverse cast of characters that keep you entertained, then here's the book for you, kid. (CF)

Australian author Sylvia Massara's latest novel, Like Casablanca, follows the adventures of a divorced woman blogging her way through the ins and outs of internet dating. The summary says: "What does internet dating and Casablanca have in common? Nothing, unless you go to Rick's Cafe and find out what antiques dealer and dating blogger Cat Ryan is up to. Cat's doing research for her internet dating blog gig, and the place she chooses to meet her many dates is at Rick's Cafe in Sydney. But what of its disturbingly handsome owner, Rick Blake? Cat wonders what he thinks, seeing her with a different male all the time. What's more, why does this bother Cat so much? It's not like she wants any involvement after her recent break-up with Josh, her cheating ex. Besides, it looks like Rick is trying to get back together with his ex-wife, Denise. So Cat decides to play it safe, but her heart has different ideas." Like Casablanca is available in eBook format through Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, ReaderStore, and Diesel. (CF)

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