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Liar Liar - Lisa Jackson (2018)


Didi Storm dreamed of becoming an actress but instead finds herself working in a club in Las Vegas as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and a mother to fifteen-year-old Remmi and twin babies. After a deal in the desert goes wrong, a car explodes, Didi disappears, her twins babies disappears, Noah, a friend of Remmi, is shot, and Remmi is put in the care of her god-fearing aunt.
Twenty years later, a book investigating Didi's disappearance comes out and a woman looking like Didi and wearing her clothes jumps to her death from the window of a hotel in San Francisco. Remmi, now working for an elderly rich lady, witnesses the scene. She never stopped wondering what happened to her mother and her half-siblings and now that the case has again caught the attention of the police, Remmi decides to investigate on her own. But someone is watching her.
I found this novel so gripping that I read it in a day. Everyone from Remmi's past has been keeping a secret and, amid a few twists, these are slowly unravelled. The story is very suspenseful and, even though it focuses on disappearances, murders, and lies, there is also a bit of romance. I found the ending a bit rushed, but, all in all, I really enjoyed this novel and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good thrilling read. (NP)



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