Letters from Home - Bethanne Strasser (2013)

While Lena was away in the army, she received a series of love letters from an anonymous source back home. Now she's returned home for the holidays, and she's arranged to meet her secret admirer on Christmas Day. Zach realises he loves Lena a little too late as she has already left for a tour of duty. He decides to write to her anonymously, and it is clear when she returns that she sees him as nothing more than a friend, not like the letter writer she has fallen for. Can he make her see him in a different light before she has to leave again? I found the idea of the anonymous letters from home and how they impacted on Lena intriguing. However, I felt that the pace of the story was quite slow, particularly for a novella, with not much happening until close to the end. The twist in the plot was unexpected but could have been fleshed out in a lot more detail and have less of the unnecessary lead-up. (LO)

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