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The Fallback Plan (2012)

Esther has just completed a degree in film and after having no luck finding a job, she has done what many young adults do - she has gone back home to live while she decides what to do next with her life. Esther takes on a position as a babysitter to May - in the process becoming a friend to the mother Amy and a partner in crime with Amy's husband, Nate. But when her alliances crash, it will be the wake-up call that Esther needs to discover who she really is and what she wants out of life. The Fallback Plan is one girl's journey to self-discovery and along the way she tries her hands at many things as a fallback before the opportunity arises for the perfect job. This is an awesome and fast-paced novel which many teens and early 20-somethings will relate to, nodding and cringing at parts with Esther. (PP)

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