Legally Blonde is the film that is considered an important turning point in leading actress Reese Witherspoon's career and one that made countless people, including me, fall in love with her. The 2001 chick flick tells the story of Elle Woods, a girly girl who loves shopping and everything that's pink. Elle's life appears to be perfect: she's the president of the Delta Nu house at her Los Angeles college where she's majoring in Fashion, adored by all the other girls, and she has a handsome boyfriend named Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). One evening Elle expects Warner to propose to her, but instead he wants to end their relationship. He doesn't believe Elle will be good for his future career, In his words: 'I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn.' At first, Elle is completely devastated and hides herself in her sorority house with boxes of chocolate. Yet, it doesn't take long before she decides she wants to show Warner she's more than just a blonde fashionista, and she manages to get into Harvard law school to show not just Warner, but the world what she's worth.

The film, directed by Robert Luketic and based on a book by Amanda Brown, deals with the cliched image of a blonde girl who loves anything pink and/or fluffy, and the stereotypes that come with this. Witherspoon fits the role of Elle Woods perfectly and she makes it extremely difficult for any viewer to hate her. I quickly found myself rooting for her, and up to this day she's still a widely loved chick flick heroine. The cast of the film consists of several other familiar faces, such as Luke Wilson (Charlie's Angels, Old School) and Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions), who play entertaining roles, but it's definitely Witherspoon herself who steals the show. Legally Blonde is a light-hearted, funny, thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy, and a film that will undoubtedly make you both laugh and smile.

Movie reviewed by Jody Hoekstra

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