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Running on Empty (2013)

Imagine having the perfect life - a great job, three beautiful daughters and a loving husband who you have known since you were thirteen and then one day having one of those things taken away from you. How would you cope on a day-to-day basis? Running on Empty will show readers that all it can take is a morning of bad luck to change your life forever. Alex's story starts when she and her daughters are running late, only to discover her petrol tank is running on empty. Her knight in shining armour arrives and Alex is shocked to discover it is none other than Blake Morgan - her school crush before she met her husband Derek. Will Alex realise that it is alright to move on with Blake and that by doing so, she isn't disrespecting her late husband? Running on Empty is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that once you get started you won't want to get off. If you are someone who writes notes to yourself, then you will love this as Alex and the author have inserted several Notes to Self throughout the book. (PP)

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