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Dancing Naked in Dixie (2012)

Julia Sullivan is a travel writer from New York City. Her usual assignments take her to beautiful locations across the world. She has a boyfriend, however, she is never at home enough for the relationship to progress to the next level. Julia's next assignment to Bali comes to a drastic halt when she is dragged into her new editor's office and reprimanded on the decline of her work. If she wants to save her job, her next assignment will not be Bali, but rather Eufaula, Alabama. Julia arrives in Alabama and is immediately a fish out of water. Her New York fast-paced ways are at odds with the slow Southern lifestyle. Julia tries to fit in, however, it seems that the more she tries, the more chaos she creates. Shug Jordan is Julia's handsome contact in Eufaula. As Julia researches Eufaula, she uncovers a secret that could destroy the small town that she has started to love. The reader is introduced to a wonderful collection of characters that inhabit Eufaula. The author does such an excellent job describing the town and atmosphere that it makes the reader want to grab some sweet tea and head south. (AO)

Stay Tuned (2011)

TV producer Melissa Moore is in a rut. Her only child has left for college, her mother is battling dementia and her relationship with her husband has evolved into communicating solely through post-it notes. At work, Melissa struggles with her two dramatic anchors. When the two anchors become enraged on air and punches are thrown, Melissa is forced to suddenly take over and put herself in front of the camera. The public loves Melissa and as she fills in as an anchor she finds herself paired up with her new handsome co-anchor. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work behind the scenes of television, this is the book for you. (AO)

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