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Fragile Lies (2015)

aka Deceptions

A couple involved in an illicit tryst accidentally run down a youth on an isolated road. Leaving the boy for dead, the woman later anonymously rings for an ambulance. The victim, eighteen-year-old Killian, remains in a coma, his separated parents by his side. His shattered father, TV screenwriter Michael, is desperate to find out who is responsible. His clues are a silver car and a bracelet - and he soon believes he has the culprit in his sights. Meanwhile well-known artist Lorraine moves with her teenage daughter to the seaside village of Trabawn to get away from her broken marriage. Although cleverly plotted, the storyline didn't hold any surprises and the writing style was quite different to my normal reads, so it did jar initially.

The Prodigal Sister (2009)

Cathy Lambert ran away from her Irish home when she was 15 and pregnant. She now lives in New Zealand with her teenage son Connor and is preparing for her wedding. And she is about to be reunited with her three sisters. The eldest Lambert sister, animal activist Rebecca, had been the one to take control of the family after their parents died in a car accident. She finds it hard to forgive what Cathy did, leaving her wondering what had happened to her. Julie has married her childhood sweetheart Paul, and is now a mother of three sons, but she hopes to pursue her dreams she abandoned for motherhood - her love for music. Lauren, who still bears nightmares about her parents' accident, is stuck in a marriage with an older, possessive man. Together the three sisters travel from their hometown in Ireland to Cathy's wedding, hoping to improve their strained relationship and to seek closure to the unresolved issues between them. A journey of love, strength and determination, it tells the tale of how these women pull themselves together and find what they lost along the way. (XT)

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