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The Marrying Type (2015)

Elliot Lynch loves working for the family wedding planning business Engagements. She wants nothing more than to continue with her late mother's legacy but she discovers the business is having some serious financial problems and something needs to be done as soon as possible. When Elliot is approached by her cousin to take part in a new reality TV show, The Marrying Type, which is all about wedding planners all over the USA, Elliot isn't sure at first. But when she realises the money she'll get will help the family business, she has no choice but to say yes. When she unexpectedly has to organise her ex-fiance's sister's big and expensive wedding, things start to get tricky for Elliot, especially when the producers decide this will definitely make for some good television... Set in Charleston, South Carolina, The Marrying Type is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It has a great cast of characters, including heroine Elliot (who is quite serious and passionate about her job, and I warmed to her straightaway), her ex-fiance Eric, college friend Smyth, and the various brides and bridesmaids involved in the weddings. The author's writing style flowed well, was easy to get into and there was a good division between dialogue and description. The book is told from Elliot's perspective, but also included pieces of script for the TV show, which was a nice touch (just like the wedding-related quotes at the start of each chapter). The Marrying Type is a lovely, light-hearted, romantic read that is perfect for people who love to read about weddings or chick lit fans in general. (JoH)

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