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The Night I Got Lucky (2005)

Somebody should have told Billy Rendell to be careful what she wishes for; that sometimes having all of your wishes come true isn't all it's cracked up to be. Everything she thinks she wants to make her life better is mysteriously and suddenly given to her and Billy has to figure out what she really does want because what she thought she wanted isn't turning out to be so wonderful, after all. After yet another visit to her therapist where she again whines about the state of her life, her therapist gives her a small jade frog and tells her that her luck will change. The next morning, everything, and I mean everything has changed! Billy now has everything she thought she wanted - the promotion, the attentive, loving husband, the sexy coworker now attracted to her, and she no longer misses the father who walked out on them. But Billy quickly learns that everything comes with a price and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Billy is a character anyone can relate to and I found myself empathising with her immensely. Everything from the angst of having an unusual name, to abandonment issues, unsatisfying marriage and career struggles, Billy is carrying a lot of emotional baggage. She decides that destroying the frog will put everything right. I got such a kick out of all the ways Billy tries to destroy the frog. But every morning when she wakes, the frog is back on her nightstand smiling at her. This book was highly entertaining and the author does an excellent job of creating characters the reader will be drawn to. (SH)

A Clean Slate (2003)

Kelly McGraw simply can't remember the past five months of her life. She finds her boyfriend Ben now has a new girlfriend and she's lost her job as a financial analyst. The drycleaner's misplaced her clothes, the key won't fit in the door of her town house and she keeps getting headaches. With her best friend Laney helping her piece together her life, Kelly finds she can start again with a clean slate. But first she needs to remember what bad news triggered her memory loss.

Burning The Map (2002)

Casey Evers has been on track with everything in her life so far - college, boyfriend, law school - and has all the right professional contacts. But something is missing. Casey isn't who she was two years ago and she can't figure out why she just isn't happy. With her two best friends, Kat and Lindsey, in tow, Casey sets out for one last vacation to Rome and Greece before she starts working long hours as a lawyer. After some drama on the trip, Casey reconnects with the person she once was and in turn, finds her own happiness. (MY)

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