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The Never Never Sisters (2014)

Marriage counsellor Paige is anticipating a relaxing summer in the Hamptons with her husband of three years, Dave. However, her plans suddenly derail when Dave is mysteriously suspended from his job and her sister, Sloane, whom she hasn't seen in 20 years since she went into rehab, decides to come home for a visit. Getting the cold shoulder from Dave, but not much else in terms of what happened at work, Paige begins to investigate his suspension on her own, at the same time trying to reconnect with her sister and keep the peace between Sloane and their parents. As Paige begins to dig into her marriage and her family's past, she needs to decide how deep she wants to go in order to find the truth. The Never Never Sisters is a study in family dynamics and the holes in one's memory as to how things really happened in the past. I enjoyed that aspect of the book and also the relationship between sisters Paige and Sloane. You get the sense throughout the book that even though we all travel our own paths, your family is still your family and the bonds are still there, even after years of being apart. (LEK)

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