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How Lucky You Are (2012)

Waverly, Kate and Amy have been close friends for years. Though very different women who each want very different things in life, they have tried hard to maintain their friendship. Waverly owns a bakery that is not as successful as her friends may think. Kate is from a wealthy family and is married to the new golden boy about to be elected governor of Virginia. Amy is married to a doctor and has a little girl and what appears to be the perfect life she always dreamed of. The three women are all holding on to dangerous secrets that will shock the others. Waverly is in deep financial trouble and unable to deal with it. Kate's future as the the first lady of Virginia is in serious jeopardy. And Amy is keeping a secret from her two friends that is so horrifying that she is in complete denial. Each of these women need to somehow allow her friends to help rather that just keeping up appearances. As the secrets between the friends pile up, the tension builds until it all blows up in a shocking way. This is a fabulous debut novel that will have you questioning how well you really know your friends. (AR)

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