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True Colors (2009)


The Grey sisters have survived tragedy together, from the loss of their mother to dealing with a bitter father. Each sister has moved on in their own way. Oldest sister Winona, the ambitious one, pursued a law degree, and is now the town lawyer. Aurora, the sensible one, has married a nice man named Richard and had a family. And Vivi Ann, the wild one, inherited their mother's love for horses and continued working on a ranch. One day the ranchhand runs off and leaves the farm in need of some help. A handsome stranger comes to town who captures Vivi Ann's heart. But then a crime is committed and family loyalty is severely tested. Who will the family believe? Whose side will they take? I always love Kristin Hannah's books - this one - spanning nearly 30 years - is darker with more psychological elements than the others. (JG) 7/10


Firefly Lane (2008)


Kate and Tully were exactly what each other needed in their lives. Kate was a lonely teenager whose only friends were her books. Tully, abandoned by her hippy mother Cloud, grew up with her grandmother and anxiously awaited the day her mother would come back. One day Cloud does show up and takes Tully with her to live in Seattle. When Kate's mum makes her take over a dish to welcome the new neighbours, she and Tully instantly connect and become inseparable. Kate finds a confidante in Tully and Tully becomes a member of Kate's family. The story follows Kate and Tully through three decades - from teenagers to women who find themselves struggling with careers, family, love and each other. Kristin Hannah does an excellent job of highlighting how the political and social conditions of the times impact their decisions. Though this book is centred on the girls' friendship, there is also a beautiful side story of Kate and her daughter Marah which will have you remembering all the doors you slammed as a teenager and aching to call your mum and say sorry. This is a beautiful story with so many twists, turns and complexities that a reader cannot help but identity with. (JE)7/10


Comfort & Joy (2005)


When Stacey suddenly shows up in the driveway just before Christmas, Joy can't help but wonder if her sister is here to ask for forgiveness after destroying her five-year marriage to Thom. Instead, showing no sign of remorse, she is bearing news of her pregnancy and upcoming wedding to Thom. Unable to bear the pain of betrayal, Joy drives off to the airport, mindlessly purchasing a ticket to Hope, in British Columbia. However, her plane crashes and she finds herself alone in the woods. Struggling to find a way out she stumbles across a log building, the Comfort Fishing Lodge where she meets widower Daniel and his son, Bobby. It's a heartwarming story about the greatness of love and forgiveness. It reminds me a lot of Cecelia Ahern's If I Could See You Now. I enjoyed this book very much but it lost points because of the abrupt ending. (XT) 7/10


Between Sisters (2003)


Meghann Dontess is a hotshot family lawyer in Seattle; happy to get scorned spouses what they deserve, easy when you don’t believe in love or the possibility of a happy and lasting marriage. Her mother failed at it miserably a number of times and Meghann couldn’t make her own marriage work. When the husband of a successful client tries to kill her, she is forced to take a break, re-evaluate her life and confront the demons of her past. Her sister, Claire is getting married. After being estranged for two decades, she tries to reconcile and reconnect. Through her sister’s happiness and wedding plans, Meghann rediscovers a family she never knew and finds love in the strangest of places. This is a heart-warming story about sibling relationships, family, tough upbringings but most of all faith and love. It’s a great read. (LF) 8/10


Summer Island (2001)


Nora Bridge is an advice columnist with a radio show program. Her daughter, Ruby, is a struggling comedian. Nora doesn't realise how her past affects her daughter until both mother and daughter are thrown together by an accident. Ruby consents to take care of her mother after also agreeing to write a tell-all article about who her mother is. Throughout the book, Ruby is thrown curve balls by her past and as she gets to know her mother she is finally able to heal from her past. On a neighbouring island, two boys, Dean and Eric, have been connected to the Bridge family from childhood. Dean was Ruby's first love and his brother, Eric, bonds with Nora. Dean is brought back to the island to deal with his brother Eric's illness after the rest of the family has ex-communicated him. Eric and Nora strive to help Dean and Ruby come together again. This well-written novel was a great read. Hannah has a way of connecting her characters to the reader in such a way that the ride is worth every penny. (JG) 8/10


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