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Wanderlove (2012)

Eighteen-year-old Bria Sandoval is tired of taking a backseat in life and letting others think she isn't impulsive so she decides to head off on a trip even after her two best friends back out. When she finds the flyer for Global Vagabonds - a guided tour of Central America - she embarks on what she thinks will be the adventure of a lifetime. She's wrong. First off, her tour group is filled with old ladies and men, not young adults, looking for adventure, like herself. Secondly, the group is staying on the beaten path and not actually immersing themselves in the beautiful culture and environment that surrounds them. So, when Bria bumps into the beautiful Starling and her brother, Rowan, in Guatemala, she thinks she'd rather be travelling with them than her own tour group. These backpackers take her under their wing and so begins her journey to becoming a real world traveller and contracting the affliction known as "wanderlove". The whole point of Bria's trip was to prove to herself, her friends and her ex that she can do things on her own and doesn't always have to hang back and watch. She promised herself she'd only hook up with guys she didn't care about but does that apply to the sexy and often shady Rowan? He's a bad boy, she's a good girl, so what could they possibly see in each other? From the street markets of Guatemala to the beaches of Belize, Bria slowly finds herself once again - even if it is amidst weird insects and filthy hostels. But can her happiness last or is she doomed to ruin things by not taking chances? Written by an author who has a voice for travel and definitely knows her way around Central America, this is an inspiring and exciting story that will leave you wanting to get up and see the world from a whole new perspective. (AS)

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