Kismetology - Jaimie Admans (2012)

Mackenzie Atkinson has just moved in with her boyfriend Dan. Unfortunately she has only moved three doors down from home, and her mother is continually meddling in every aspect of her life. She decides the perfect solution is to find her mother a man - but it's more difficult than she thought. I really liked the concept of this book. Mackenzie is being driven mad by her mother's interference, so she embarks on a series of dates to find a suitable man to date her mother. She uses a variety of methods to find these men, and the dates she goes on are very funny. Meanwhile her own relationship is not exactly perfect, and I didn't like her boyfriend at all. Mackenzie is a warm and relatable character, while Dan comes across as arrogant and annoying. Mackenzie's mother Eleanor is hilarious, and her antics never ceased to amuse me. My only criticism is that I thought the ending was a bit predictable but overall a very promising debut novel. (LO)

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