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The Secret Lives of Husbands (2007)

Nurse Ruth Blackiston gets engaged to Ned Haskell after only three months - and without even meeting his parents. Now she has to deal with her mother-in-law Jackie's erratic moods and fit in with his close-knit group of friends. When she discovers Ned's old diaries, she realises her future with her husband won't be happily ever after unless she can untangle themselves from his past.

Other Women - Kirsty Crawford (2005)

Bella and her family have moved from the city into a small town. At first Bella hates her new surroundings, her husband Iain is always gone travelling four hours into the city for his job. And she is stuck at the new house trying to make it resemble her old home in the city. Then she meets Ben who lives at the big house up the road. She is very taken by him but knows that infidelity is inexcusable ... or is it? Jane, a widow with two older children, had sold off part of her house to Ben and his wife Sam due to financial difficulties. Jane is in a rut and has learnt her son Alec had been expelled from sitting his A levels. She is also having issues with her sister Maggie who has come to stay. With a full plate, Jane meets Tom, a younger man who she cannot believe is interested in her. She starts to see him secretly but she knows the affair cannot last because of their huge age difference. Sam loves her life - she is married to a rich, handsome man in Ben, she can buy anything she wants and she is beautiful. She befriends Bella, the town's new arrival, but when she takes Bella's family on a vacation to Paris with her and Ben, she starts to feel like something is not right. Between the three lives of these women, you will always be entertained with their stories. This is a great book about love, affairs and what women will do to get what they want. (CG)

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